Your success is our top priority. With this in mind, the Faculty of Engineering is excited to offer Bridge2Engg (B2E), a first-year preparation program designed to give you the tools to feel comfortable and confident in starting your university education.

B2E aims to build excitement about Engineering, ensure you feel confident as a new student in the university, and, maybe most importantly, connect you to fellow students, professors, and mentors within the engineering community. The program is offered virtually during the summer and provides three different levels of engagement that vary in cost, content, and delivery mode (on-demand vs. live instruction). 

What does B2E programming look like? It's all about you. It could be accessing student-created videos that introduce university terminology or wellness resources. Or maybe it's going through review modules on Chemistry, Coding, Physics or Calculus to ensure you are better prepared for these courses at the university level. It could even involve participating in two weeks of live virtual instruction, doing team-based project design working alongside senior students in the faculty. With different program options available, you can tailor your engagement to meet your specific needs.

New for 2024, sign up for ENGG Camp or Academic Essentials, and we'll connect you with a second-year Engineering student who can provide advice and perspective throughout the summer. To learn more about the Bridge2Engg program, hear what students are saying about it, and check out responses to commonly asked questions, visit

To access the free Foundations content, visit the 2024 Bridge2Engg Online Learning site.

To purchase Level 2: Academic Essentials or Level 3: ENGG Camp + Academic Essentials, click the items below.

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By enrolling in Bridge2Engg, you're not just investing in your future; you're also making a significant contribution to the present. 100% of Bridge2Engg registration fees are reinvested in hiring current Engineering students to develop and operate the program, directly impacting their education and the quality of your experience.