Welcome to Bridge2Engg!

Your success is our top priority. With this in mind, the Faculty of Engineering is excited to offer Bridge2Engg (B2E), a first-year preparation program designed to give you the tools you need to feel comfortable and confident in starting your university education.

B2E aims to build excitement about Engineering, ensure you feel confident as a new student in the university, and maybe most importantly get you connected to fellow students, professors, and mentors within the engineering community. The program is offered virtually, during the summer, and provides three different levels of engagement that vary in cost, content and delivery mode (on-demand vs. live instruction).

What does B2E programming look like? It may be accessing student-created videos that introduce university terminology or wellness resources. Or maybe it’s going through review modules on Chemistry, Coding, Physics or Calculus to ensure you are better prepared for these courses at the university level. Or it could even be participating in three weeks of live virtual instruction doing team-based experiments at home, working alongside senior students in the faculty. With different program options available, you can tailor your engagement to meet your specific needs.

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