Level 1: Foundations

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Level 1: Foundations is designed to be your comprehensive companion throughout your first year in Engineering. It equips you with the necessary tools and resources, ensuring you're well-prepared before your classes commence in September and help with any potential stress or anxiety. 

In Foundations, we'll cover everything from a rundown of your first-year schedule and downloading software to loading money onto your OneCard and paying tuition. Scattered between these practical tips for success will be resources to help you develop skills in self-care, get involved within your engineering community, and know where to go to ask for help.

Level 1: Foundations is available for free to all first-year engineering students and can be accessed through eClass in early May through the following link:

2024 Bridge2Engg eClass Page

This program is not for university credit.


Purchasing this program is not required. All students will automatically be registered after they confirm their acceptance into the Faculty of Engineering and are notified via your UAlberta email about how to access the resources.

Available Starting: Early May

Delivery Method: Virtual & On-Demand


By enrolling in Bridge2Engg, you're not just investing in your future; you're also making a significant contribution to the present. 100% of Bridge2Engg registration fees are reinvested in hiring current Engineering students to develop and operate the program, directly impacting their education and the quality of your experience.