Level 2: Academic Essentials

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Level 2: Academic Essentials is your one-stop shop for reviewing the most important topics from high school to make sure you’re academically prepared for classes in September.

Comprised of four different streams: Calculus Essentials, Physics Essentials, Chemistry Essentials and Coding Essentials, this series of videos, notes, examples, and solution packages will provide you with tools and resources that can be completed at your own pace, virtually, and when it’s convenient for you.

Please note that Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry Essentials will provide an academic review of key concepts, while Coding Essentials is designed as an introduction for students with very little to no programming experience.

Whether you’re someone who has taken some time off before returning to school; someone just looking to refresh their skills as you took a Grade 12 course in Grade 11; or just want to see the key concepts that will carry forward from high school into first year, this program will help ensure you review the high school content that directly connects to required first-year Engineering courses (MATH 100, MATH 101, MATH 102, CHEM 103, CHEM 105, PHYS 130, ENGG 130, EN PH 131, and ENCMP 100).

Please note that Level 2: Academic Essentials does not replicate first-year Engineering at Alberta courses; but instead provides background knowledge and review.

This program is not for credit.

Cost: $100 for access to all four streams
Available Starting: June 15, 2023
Delivery Method: Virtual & On-Demand

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