Local Anesthetic Module Theory

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The Local Anaesthesia Course has been approved by the Alberta College of Dental Hygienists (ACDH) as a certification course that will teach participants to safely and effectively administer local anaesthetic agents. This course is comprised of two components: a self-study, online theory module and a scheduled, in-person, 3-day clinical component.

Participants must complete the online theory modules and successfully pass the theory examination (achieve a passing grade of 70% or higher) prior to registering and attending the in-person, clinical component of this course. 


The theory modules will be accessible to registrants through the University of Alberta's external eClass portal. After registering, information on how to set up an eClass account will be sent, as well as our policies regarding examinations, rewrites, extensions, refunds, and appeals. The online theory modules offer study guides, learning activities, and quizzes that must be completed sequentially to help participants throughout the course. The local anaesthesia modules will cover:

  • Neurophysiology,
  • Pharmacology,
  • Armamentarium Preparation,
  • Anatomy,
  • Injection Techniques, and
  • Complications


Malamed, Stanley F.; Handbook of Local Anesthesia, 7th Ed., St. Louis, Mosby Inc. 2019


It is strongly recommended that participants take 3 months of self-study before writing the theory examination.

The theory exam is offered monthly at the University of Alberta. Examination dates are chosen when registering. The specific time and location of the exam is confirmed by email at least two weeks before the exam date. 

Participants may also choose to write the theory exam at a recognized testing center on a date and time at their convenience (testing center fees will apply and are payable by the participant to the testing center). Participants choosing to write at a testing center must email dentce@ualberta.ca the following information at least 2 weeks prior to their exam:

  • name of the testing center,
  • name and email of the proctor (the email to which we will send the participant’s exam), and
  • date and time of the exam. 

Once successful completion of the written theory examination is achieved, participants may register and attend the in-person local anesthesia clinical component. Successful theory participants have ONE YEAR from their date of completion to enroll in a clinical course. Future dates for the clinical courses will be advertised on a regular basis (usually February, June and November). 


Participants must have:

  • A current and valid RDH/RN Practice Permit,
  • Current and valid CPR Certification,
  • For out of province participants only, a Letter of Good Standing from your Association. 
  • It is strongly recommended that participants have been practicing in their field for a minimum of 6 months before taking this course.  


Please read carefully: 

  •  REGISTRATION CONFIRMS YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE COURSE. No refunds are permitted after course material access unless the withdrawal is due to medical conditions (must be requested in writing accompanied by a letter from the participant’s physician.)
  • If a refund is requested before course material access, it is subject to a cancellation fee, which is 20% of the course cost ($80.00 CAD)
  • There is no refund for missing the exam.
  • Candidates applying for an extension for their theory exam (only two 3-month extensions are permitted) must pay $100.00 CAD per extension fee. A request for an extension must be made by email (dentce@ualberta.ca). The request must be received at least 2 weeks before the participant’s theory exam date.
  • If a participant is unsuccessful (does not achieve a score equal to or higher than 70%) on their first exam attempt, only one supplemental examination is allowed afterwards. The supplemental exam must be taken within 3 months of the first exam attempt. The supplemental exam fee is $200.00 CAD.
  • If a participant is unsuccessful (does not achieve a score equal to or higher than 70%) on their supplemental exam attempt, the participant must register and pay for the theory component again after a 6-month waiting period.


If you do not receive any communication within 2 weeks following the course registration, please contact Continuing Dental Education at dentce@ualberta.ca.