Sterilization Assistant

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The Sterilization Assistant course is open to the general public and is intended for those pursuing a career in healthcare. 

This course is created by Cody Dingreville, a leader in Infection Prevention Control, in partnership with the University of Alberta to help passionate individuals kick off a rewarding career in healthcare. 

The Sterilization Assistant program provides a consistent approach to the application of quality and safety in reprocessing of medical devices. It focuses on reducing the potential of adverse events that can impact safe patient care and reducing incidences of damage to medical devices and sterilization equipment.

On your completion you will be able to:
  • Apply basic infection prevention and control principles and practices to everyday practice.
  • Safely and effectively transport, disassembly, clean, disinfection, assembly, function testing, package and sterilization of medical devices in a community setting (dentistry, non-accredited medical clinics).
  • Perform quality assurance testing measures to ensure medical devices are safe to use.
  • Understand the minimum required documentation of reprocessing activities.
  • Understand the requirements for routine and preventative maintenance of all automated reprocessing equipment including basic troubleshooting. 
Course Delivery: Hybrid (Online & In-Person)
Final Exam: In person
Practicum: 2-day in person at Kaye Edmonton Clinic & 2-day in person at a private practice (4 days total, daytime & evening hours - dates to be arranged with participant upon final exam completion)

For any additional information or questions, please email the program coordinator at

**Be aware sterilization assisting requires long hours of standing and walking, as you should be able to comfortably lift/push/pull 25lbs.**

*Please note: Participants will not be eligible for a refund or withdrawal of the program once access to the online eClass curriculum has been granted. If a participant should choose to request a refund or to withdraw from the program, a 20% admissions fee will be deducted from the $1,800.00**