Project Kit - Mechanical Macro-pad

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This is a Project Kit for a Mechanical Macro-pad arranged by the Elko Engineering Garage. Details surrounding this project kit are on the "Making The Mechanical Macro-pad" Project Kit page.

This is a kit of parts that you can make into a customizable mechanical macro keypad! Use the Garage's 3D printers, laser cutters, and soldering tools to make it from start to finish!

This kit includes:

  Item Name Quantity
1 Macro-pad printed circuit board 1
2 Piece of acrylic sheet - 4"x8" x 1/16" 1
3 Key switch 8
4 Key cap 8
5 Diode 10
6 Seeed Xiao RP2040 micro-controller with included pin headers 1
7 7 row 0.1" pitch solder-able pin socket connector 2
8 M3x8mm socket head cap screw 4
9 Brass threaded insert 4
10 2.5mm hex key 1


All kits include clicky tactile switches: choose between white, black, or mint keycaps.