Orthodontic Module Theory Component

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The Orthodontic Course is comprised of two components: A self-study online Theory Module, and a hands-on Clinical Module.  

Participants must successfully complete the Theory component and the written Theory Examination prior to registering and attending the in-person Clinical component. 

 Course Information 

The Orthodontic Theory Module is a guided, home-study Course. We suggest a three months self-study before writing the Theory Examination.  

The Theory Exam is offered monthly at the University of Alberta, and the date is chosen at the registration. The exam runs during the first week of the month and can be booked during allotted dates and times at the Learning Assessment Center and the U of A. 

Participants residing in or outside of Edmonton may also choose to write the Theory Exam at a recognized Testing Center on a date and time that is more convenient for them (Testing Center fees will apply, and are payable by the participant to the Test Center). If participants choose to write in a test center, they must communicate with CDE at least two weeks before the exam date. 

Upon registration, participants will receive information via email regarding how to access the E-Class Module and course syllabus explaining policies regarding examinations, rewrites, extensions, refunds, appeals, etc. If you do not receive any communication within 2 weeks following the course registration, please contact Continuing Dental Education at dentce@ualberta.ca.  

Please note you will receive only three months to study the course materials.  If you have purchased the course and it is not in the three-month window, you will not have access to the course until the first week in the three-month window.  For example, if you select an exam date in July and purchase the course in January, you will not gain access to the course until the first week of April. 

 Orthodontic Theory Module: 

  • Placement and removal of separators
  • Preliminary placement of fixed appliances prior to adjustment by a dentist
  • preliminary placement of removable appliances prior to adjustment by a dentist
  • Preliminary fitting of bands
  • Bonding of non-critical attachments following the prescription of the dentist and prior to the final check by the dentist 
  • Indirect bonding following the prescription of the dentist and prior to the final check by the dentist 
  • Cementation of bands and appliances prior to the final check by the dentist
  • Placement and removal of archwires which have been formed by a dentist
  • Placement and removal of archwire accessories and ligatures
  • Removal of bands and bonded metal attachments


  • Participants must be either a certified R.D.H. or R.D.A. and hold a valid practice permit. 
  • Candidates, if you are an RDH ONLY must also hold a current and valid CPR certificate -healthcare provider (valid on the date of course). 

Previous orthodontic experience is not required and candidates do not have to be currently employed. 

 Once successful completion of the Written Theory Examination is achieved, participants may register and attend the in-person Orthodontic Clinical Course. Successful theory component participants have ONE YEAR from their date of completion to enroll in a clinical course. Future dates for the clinical courses will be advertised on a regular basis. 

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued within 48 hours before the starting date of the course.  If a refund is requested it is subject to a cancellation fee, which is 20% of the course cost ($99).  Notice of withdrawal/cancellation of your registration must be provided in an email for a refund to be processed.  Refunds will not be issued once registration is confirmed and course material, if any, has been emailed out, or after the start date of the course.  Dates are subject to change and are based on enrollment numbers.