Neuromodulator Refresher and Facility Fee

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Facility Fee:

Have you recently attended one of our clinical courses and are looking to book a facility time to see your own patients? The facility fee includes access to materials and our clinic to see your own patients.

There are separate fees for patients provided and if you need access to Neuromodulator product-  please arrange for this via the Program Coordinator.

Choose between half or full day rentals.

Auditing Fee:

If you have previously attended one of our courses, and would like to return to shadow the program for additional support, please do not hesitate to contact us. There is no fee to audit our programs, as long as you have previously attended the level. There is no patient administration if you choose to audit a program. 

Refresher Fee:

If it has been some time since you've attended one of our levels, and you would like to retake the entire course for your own peace of mind, the Refresher Program is right for you! This fee would allow you to retake the entire level, including chair time with patients and the product provided. Should you require access to internal patients, this would need to be discussed with the Program Coordinator. 

Transfer Fee:

If it within a week of cancelling your course, or your Program Coordinator has advised you a transfer fee is required, please pay the $500 transfer fee to move your registration to a later date. 


Cancellation Policy

All requests for refund need to be submitted in writing to prior to accessing the eclass online lectures and presentations. Refunds are subject to a $500 admissions fee. 

No refunds will be issued within 7 days before the starting date of the course. Refunds will not be issued once registration is confirmed and course material, if any, has been emailed out. Dates are subject to change and are based on enrollment numbers.

Postponing your registration to a different course date is based on space availability.