IV Conscious Sedation Integrated Program

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Course Information

$22,200.00 Tuition for All three levels


Deadline for registration into any program intake is at minimum 1 month prior to the Session 1 start date (first come-first served for limited clinical spots available), except the extended registration deadline for the March combined session intake as noted. 

FALL 2021 

Session 1: SEPT 11 - 12 (FULL)

Session 2: OCT 16 - 19 (+ Oct 21 evening Online lecture)   (FULL)

Session 3 (IV Clinical Session):  

DEC 17 - 22, 2021 (FULL) 


FEB 22 - 27, 2022 (FULL) 


2022 DATES (Dates may be subject to change)
Session 1 + 2 (Combined) - MAR 12 - 17 NOTE: Deadline to register for this session is NO LATER THAN JAN 15, 2022 due to extensive pre-study required for combined session (First come - first served - if clinical spots available)

Session 3 (IV Clinical Session): MAY 1 - 6 (VERY LIMITED SPOTS)


Session 3 - NOV 5 - 10 (LIMITED SPOTS)

Session 1 - MAY 28 - 29 - CALGARY

Session 2 - JULY OR OCT (TBC) EDMONTON (based on participant registration #'s)

Session 3 - NOV 5 - 10 – EDMONTON (LIMITED SPOTS)

Course Information 

Continuing Dental Education at the University of Alberta, is pleased to announce our upcoming IV Conscious Sedation Program for Dentists (Integrated Single and Two-Drug Curriculum). Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Emergency 
Airway Management are seamlessly integrated into the program. 

The program will be a combination of online eClass learning, and in-person clinical components, will encompass extensive lecture, lab, and clinic sessions, and boasts one of the strongest student instructor ratios available. With our existing Dental Faculty, and in our partnership with the Faculty of Medicine, and Alberta Health Services we are able to access a wide range of experienced instructors, resources, and expertise to combine with our strong dental team in providing exceptional programming. 

The IV Conscious Sedation program is competency based and will have proficiency requirements. As a recognized, academic certification program, each participant will complete a minimum of 21 IV starts. All equipment (other than the precordial stethoscope as noted below), supplies, instrumentation, and pre-screened patients are provided for you. Due to COVID19 PPE requirements, participants may be required to provide / bring their own PPE during the in-person clinical portions of this program. 

Clinical experience requirements for various provincial or state bodies vary, and some are currently under review. We will be happy to work with you to evaluate that those requirements can be met, or advise you on other programs that may be more suitable. Auxiliary team member training is also a requirement and a part of this program. 


Equipment Requirement for Clinic (ONLY during Session 3): During Session 3 (clinical session) participants will be required to bring with them their own Precordial Stethoscope, which is now a requirement for IV Conscious Sedation procedures per ADA&C regulations (supplier information can be provided if required), as well as a paired small Bluetooth speaker for monitoring the audio. No other equipment or supplies are required to be brought with you at this time, however should this change due to new regulations or restrictions, participants will be notified immediately. 



PREREQUISITES (Copies required asap following registration) 

- DDS/DMD degree & active practicing license from your dental regulatory authority 
- Letter of Good Standing from your current dental regulatory authority 
- Current Heart & Stroke Foundation CPR certificate (ONLY Heart and Stroke Foundation CPR accepted, due to corresponding ACLS training and certification through the Foundation) 

You may register for this program online. Upon registration you will be required to provide supporting documentation. An email will be sent to you in order to complete the registration process.  


CANCELLATION / TRANSFER POLICY: Due to the significant demand, scope and requirements of this program, tuition refunds will not be facilitated with the exception of extreme circumstances, and the full tuition amount will be charged and payable as per the payment installment schedule due per session. Transfer to a future session may be facilitated under certain extenuating circumstances, and with sufficient notice provided, particularly for clinical session transfers (2.5 months notice at minimum for clinical sessions, provided a spot is available in the following clinical session – transfer fee may apply).  



OUT OF PROVINCE PARTICIPANTS: Please note that there is an additional $500 fee payable to register with the Alberta Dental Association and College’s Guest Registry, in order for out of Province/Country dentists to work on patients in Alberta. This fee is payable directly to the ADA&C, and instructions on how to register, documentation required, and payment etc will be provided following your registration. 

115 CE for full program (Session 1 & 2 (theory) 72 CE, Session 3 (clinical 43 CE)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office by e-mail at dentce@ualberta.ca or via phone 780-492-1894. 



The IV Conscious Sedation Program includes complementary registration for your accompanying dental assistant/s to the Sedation Assistants Certification Program, which allows you to bring your office sedation team  (RDA / RDH) members to train with you and to attend formal curriculum (mandatory minimum of 1 assistant is required to accompany you for the duration of this session, or an additional fee will apply). It is strongly recommended that assistant/s attend Session 3 (final accompanying staff member information required 1.5 - 2 months prior to your clinical session). In Session 3 they will gain hands on experience with IV Sedation Emergency scenarios. Your assistants will be invaluable during this session, as it consists of clinical cases that can only be achieved in an efficient manner with your assistant by your side. This opportunity also allows your assistant to become an experienced IV Sedation team member. These participants will be required to have a valid Level C or Healthcare Provider CPR certificate, as well as be registered, and in good standing with their provincial dental regulatory association.