Functional Posterior Crown Lengthening Program

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When it comes to the restoration of posterior dentition in “non-aesthetic” locations (i.e. not normally visible), there are few treatment modalities of more utility and importance than correctly done functional posterior crown lengthening. The ability to adjust the tissue and bone anatomy prior to restoration can predictably result in a more stable and healthy final result. This course will provide both foundational knowledge and hands-on experience (both in the lab and with live patients) that will allow the attendee to perform simple, functional posterior crown lengthening procedures in their practices. (Note: this course does not teach aesthetic crown lengthening procedures more routinely in the aesthetic zone.)


Douglas N. Dederich BSEE, DDS, MSc, PhD, Cert. Perio

Monica Prasad Gibson, BDS, MS (Periodontics), PhD, FRCD(C)

Khaled Altabtbaei, BDM, PhD