EPIQ Individual Registration L3 Hosted (registration, materials, and with facilitation)

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What is included with an EPIQ L3-Hosted Workshop License?

To register and host a workshop, your facilitator or administrator should obtain a license from the University of Alberta Office of Lifelong Learning. Licenses give registrants access to workshop materials for one year and site licenses expire in 2 years from the date of purchase, any unused licenses at that time will expire. (attendance at subsequent workshops within that year as co-facilitators and facilitators are not charged).  The license includes:

  • Participant access to learning materials, for at least one year
  • Facilitator access to learning and workshop logistic materials, including workshop checklists, rosters, agendas, workbook, slide presentation, and vice over slide presentation
  • Documentation to support your reporting of Canadian MOCOMP section 3 credits (up to 4 hours) is included in certification of attendance – to maintain program accreditation eligibility, facilitators must submit completed facilitator conflict of interest forms to the Office of Lifelong Learning (epiql3@ualberta.ca)
  • Support for workshop registration at the University of Alberta (epiql3@ualberta.ca)
  • Documentation on levels of EPIQ participation (participant, provider, co-facilitator(table facilitator,) facilitator) and other useful materials (such as this FAQ)
  • An international process for standardizing the EPIQ Workshop and training 
  • L3-hosted workshops have a single fee that covers:

    • individual licenses
    • facilitator remuneration
    • the virtual platform,
    • workshop coordination,
    • and provides the certificate of attendance.

I understand that this covers the registration, materials fee, and facilitation. 

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