Cone Beam CT for RDA/RDH

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The Auxiliary CBCT course consists of 2 options:


Conducted in an online self-study format which will consist of online readings, lecture videos, case reviews and multiple-choice quizzes. 


Participants may enroll in the additional practical portion of the course which includes hands on training with various CBCT machines and software. All Part I online eClass material is a prerequisite to the in-person training.

Course Outline 

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is one of the fastest growing technologies in dentistry. The applications of this technology span every dental discipline with specific functions in implant planning, TMJ evaluations, airway analysis, oral surgery and pathology. While there are courses on CBCT for dentists, there are very few available for dental assistants and hygienists. Yet, most offices rely upon the staff to be involved with the various aspects of CBCT imaging of patients. This program is designed to fulfill a need for continuing education on the topic of CBCT imaging and includes practical information for the utilization of CBCT. Key topics include the fundamental technology behind CBCT, operational parameters, patient management, positioning strategies and data management.

Educational Goals

Upon completion of this course, participants will: Understand the basic fundamentals of Cone Beam CT (CBCT) technology, principles of operation, and utilizations of 3D imaging; Recognize the practical applications and objectives of CBCT in every-day dentistry; Identify limitations and artifacts in CBCT imaging; Demonstrate appropriate patient management and positioning techniques; Critique images to identify various errors and recognize how to troubleshoot to correct; Operate and become familiar with CBCT viewing software and its many functions.

Course Overview

Part I - Online eClass

-Readings and lecture videos related to: CBCT principles and fundamentals, clinical applications in all areas of dentistry, patient management and positioning techniques, CBCT limitations and errors, data reformatting and software utilization

-Basic Craniofacial Anatomy Review

-Case Reviews: 3 CBCT cases to manipulate and review with associated multiple-choice questions

-Exam + Quizzes: multiple-choice

Part II - Onsite Practical

-Kaye Edmonton Clinic: 4 hours hands on training 

-Positioning Techniques and Practice

-Review and operate various machines

-Review and utilize CBCT software and functions 

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued within 48 hours before the starting date of the course.  If a refund is requested it is subject to a cancellation fee, which is 20% of the course cost ($299).  Notice of withdrawal/cancellation of your registration must be provided in an email for a refund to be processed.  Refunds will not be issued once registration is confirmed and course material, if any, has been emailed out, or after the start date of the course.  Dates are subject to change and are based on enrollment numbers.