Clear Aligner Program for RDH / RDA

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The Clear Aligners course for RDA/RDH is available online via our eClass platform and is in a self-paced, self-study format (no in-person attendance required). 

This exciting course series covers all aspects of clear aligners and is completed in two parts. Topics begin with basic and fundamental information including the history and evolution of Clear Aligners, the terminology, and treatment goals.   The course also covers record taking, clinical photography, and taking both traditional impressions and digital scans for orthodontic aligners. Additional clinical procedures covered include delivering aligners, bonding attachments, interproximal reduction, and removing attachments for placing patients in retention. A step-by-step video catalog demonstrates clinical procedures. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand basic principles of orthodontic tooth movement and clear aligner therapy
  2. Exposure to orthodontic records necessary for ordering clear aligners
  3. Acquire knowledge and confidence in photography necessary to begin clear aligner treatment
  4. Exposure to utilizing digital software for clear aligner therapy and the digital workflow
  5. Become knowledgeable with the clinical procedures for bonding attachments and assisting with interproximal reduction
  6. Understand the principles, theory, and procedures of intraoral optical scanning technology
  7. Exposure to information on the incorporation of the digital flow into daily practice


James Mah, DDS, MSc, DMSc

Melissa Shotell, DMD, MS

Please note this course does not certify you as an Orthodontic Assistant or Hygienist. If you would like to obtain this certification, we have a continuing education course at the U of A with a theory and hands-on portion. More information can be found here in regards to this

For CADA members, please be aware this curriculum is not approved at this time; contact your college regarding the scope of practice and allowances

 Refund policy

No refunds will be issued within 48 hours before the starting date of the course.  If a refund is requested it is subject to a cancellation fee, which is 20% of the course cost ($99).  Notice of withdrawal/cancellation of your registration must be provided in an email for a refund to be processed.  Refunds will not be issued once registration is confirmed and course material, if any, has been emailed out, or after the start date of the course.  Dates are subject to change and are based on enrollment numbers.