Airway Management

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Please note in person session is typically 8-2pm. Sessions can change though due to participant registrations so please keep your calendar open that day. 

Course Outline

Emergency Airway Prep Program (Online)

  • Emergency Airway Prep Program
  • Practice Guidelines
  • Basic physiology of oxygenation and ventilation
  • Pre-sedation airway assessment
  • Monitoring during procedural sedation
  • Maintaining airway patency
  • Oxygenation strategies
  • Ventilation strategies
  • Airway adjuncts
  • Extraglottic airway devices (EGD)
  • Infraglottic airway devices
  • Preparation for procedural sedation

4 CE

Clinical Competency (Hands-On)

The course offers the opportunity to practice airway management on high fidelity simulators. Each participant will have a morning or afternoon to run through simulations and improve their confidence level and skill set with respect to Airway Management. Particular emphasis is placed on patient monitoring and airway management and will:

  • Distinguish sedation levels and general anesthesia in terms of clinical characteristics and influence on respiratory and cardiovascular function
  • Describe essential features of preoperative assessment for patients undergoing dental treatment under sedation or general anesthesia
  • Describe and demonstrate principles of patient monitoring distinguishing requirements for moderate sedation versus deep sedation/general anesthesia
  • Describe and demonstrate proper airway maintenance during sedation and general anesthesia
  • Describe and demonstrate the proper use of devices for oxygenation and ventilation
  • Describe the pathogenesis, recognition and appropriate management of possible complications associated with moderate sedation, including essential pharmacology of emergency drugs that may be required


8 Total CE

CANCELLATION / TRANSFER POLICY: Tuition refunds will not be facilitated with the exception of extreme circumstances. Transfer to a future session may be facilitated under certain extenuating circumstances, and with sufficient notice provided, 2.5 months notice at minimum provided a spot is available in the following clinical session (transfer fee may apply).