What's Cookin' Soup Supper 2024 - Student Chaplain Alumni Dinner

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A+=Augustana Plus

PLEASE NOTE: The details of this event are a surprise to Pastor Craig

Twenty years ago at Augustana's merger with the U of A, a public institution and the Church recognized the shared mission of wholeness and formed a bold partnership called Augustana Chaplaincy. Since then, 20 Student Chaplain teams with 80+ students have been led by Pastor Craig Wentland and have transformed the shape of this campus. This March, we plan on celebrating both 20 years of Student Chaplaincy and the conclusion of Pastor Craig's time with this ministry. 

All the festivities will be happening the weekend of March 2-3, 2024 culminating in What's Cookin'? Soup Supper. 

The committee is so excited to bring 20 years of Student Chaplains back together to look back at old memories, friendships, and life changing ministry. 

The Reunion Schedule   

Saturday Night
Join us for dinner and a 'Roast and Toast' in honor of Pastor Craig and his time with us.

Adult tickets are $10 

Sunday Morning
Join us for a service of blessing and sending for Pastor Craig as he preaches his penultimate sermon.   

A Gift to Pastor Craig  

Each year, Pastor Craig asks graduating students to write short vignettes on their experience of Faith and Life and Learning and these stories are very meaningful to him.

As a gift to him, we would like to compile a book of stories about where your Faith, Life, and Learning has taken you since (or during) your time as a student as well as letters of congratulations and well wishes. 

If you can't come or you wish to pre-submit letters, please feel free to drop them in the form below for the committee or email sara.smith@ualberta.ca.  Letters can also be brought (or written) at the reunion.