UAI EVENT - Edmonton Elks Football Game - September 22, 2023

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TOUCHDOWN!!! You may know football as a different sport, but here in North America, the only football is gridiron. Gridiron football has two main variations, Canadian and American. They are nearly identical, but Canadian football has longer fields, larger balls, and 3 downs compared to 4, among other differences. Canadian football is actually older than American football, as the first Canadian football game was played at the University of Toronto in 1861 (the first American football game was played in 1869).

On September 17th, meet us at 6pm at the Telus Centre and we can LRT over to Commonwealth Stadium or meet us there! Purchase of an Elks ticket allows you to ride any ETS bus or LRT up to 2 hours before the game and 2 hours after! Group tickets for this game allow us to sit together at a good price, but tickets are limited, so get them fast!
Ticket: $15.00 each (tax and ticket fee included) 
For game admission. Food and beverages are not included in this fee.

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