Transforming Family Businesses with AI: A Practical Approach - Calgary

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Transforming Family Businesses with AI: A Practical Approach

April 30 & May 1, 2024 - 8:00am to 4:30pm MST
Calgary, AB

This two-day, in-person executive education course, tailored for family business leaders, explores Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a focus on Generative AI. Participants will learn about AI's transformative potential and how to integrate it strategically into their businesses. The course will address how AI can transform business communication, data processing, and decision-making. By emphasizing real-world scenarios, this course provides family businesses eager to harness the power of AI with the knowledge and tools to position themselves at the forefront of technological innovation.

1. Understand AI's capabilities and its transformative potential for family businesses.
2. Learn to use AI effectively as a digital assistant, a data analyst, and a creative ally.
3. Understand and apply strategies to maximize existing data resources, create innovative data sources, and navigate ethical challenges to effective AI implementation in family-owned businesses.
4. Learn to leverage AI for enhanced decision-making, uncover deep insights through data visualization, and harmonize AI integration with the core values of your family business.
5. Create Strategies and governance guidelines to integrate AI into everyday business operations.