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Each year, as a way of rewarding the talented students of Alberta, prizes and scholarships are awarded to students and schools based on their performance in The Alberta High School Mathematics Competition.  We invite you and your students to participate. We thank those of you who participated in last year's competition, and we hope that you will take part again this year.

 We are passing through difficult times due to the pandemic. However, we want to continue to deliver the contest, despite the impact of the pandemic, for the joy of those students who love mathematics, are thrilled by meeting challenges, and want to be engaged in a mathematical experience that is both competitive and educational. 

The competition has two rounds.  The first round (Part I) of the competition, open for all students, will be written on Tuesday, November 16, 2021. It is 80-minutes long, consisting of 16 multiple-choice questions.   The second round (Part II) may be written in February 2022.

We know that now schools are operating in different ways, fully in person, fully remotely or in a hybrid mode. Therefore, we are going to provide as much flexibility as possible to you in the organizing administration of the contest in order to make possible a large participation. We will allow the following scenarios for Part I:

(a) One or more cohorts of students writing the exam in school on the contest day possibly at different times, under the supervision of appropriate members of the school community

(b) A cohort of students writing at home on the contest day, under remote supervision (e.g., Zoom) of an appropriate member of the school community

 You may choose the scenarios which you think are the best for managing the contest and assuring its competitive integrity.  We realize that there may be some issues, but in the current environment we see participation as most important.

 The contest materials will be available on November 15, on a web site and a link will be provided to you. You may download the contest material and instructions, photocopy the materials, and administer the contest in the school.   

Information about the contest and old exams may be found on our web pages, http://www.math.ualberta.ca/~ahsmc.