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The education cost includes only registration and materials fees for the participants at a single EPIQ workshop, to a maximum of 30 students. Non-students attending the workshop are required to purchase an individual materials and registration fee.

The finalized roster of registrants must be submitted to PLP by 7 days before the workshop, so that the enrolment key and course information can be emailed to participants.

This educational EPIQ workshop is limited to participants who are registered as undergraduate students, medical student, PGME students, and residents, at a university. This education EPIQ workshop is not hosted by the Office of Lifelong Learning. 

A service fee of $25 will be applied for any subsequent roster changes submitted after the course enrolment key and materials are distributed to registrants. Participants' access to course materials expires 1 year from the date of the workshop. Individuals who are registered for the course but do not attend are included in the maximum 30 registrants.

By purchasing this product, you understand the terms and conditions, along with the service fee for any roster changes.  

What is included with an EPIQ Workshop License?

To register and host a workshop, your facilitator or administrator should obtain a license from the University of Alberta Office of Lifelong Learning. Licenses give registrants access to workshop materials for one year and site licenses expire in 2 years from the date of purchase, any unused licenses at that time will expire. (attendance at subsequent workshops within that year as co-facilitators and facilitators are not charged).  The license includes:

  • Participant access to learning materials, for at least one year
  • Facilitator access to learning and workshop logistic materials, including workshop checklists, rosters, agendas, workbook, slide presentation, and vice over slide presentation
  • Documentation to support your reporting of Canadian MOCOMP section 3 credits (up to 4 hours) is included in certification of attendance – to maintain program accreditation eligibility, facilitators must submit completed facilitator conflict of interest forms to the Office of lifelong Learning (LLL@ualberta.ca)
  • Support for workshop registration at the University of Alberta (LLL@ualberta.ca)
  • Documentation on levels of EPIQ participation (participant, provider, co-facilitator(table facilitator,) facilitator) and other useful materials (such as this FAQ)
  • An international process for standardizing the EPIQ Workshop and training