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Offered by Organizational Development, HRHSE, Management Intensive helps people leaders build collaborative, high performing teams that meet operational goals and propel the strategic vision. It builds the practical skill set, knowledge, and mindset required to plan, organize and execute work with your team. Focusing on the people side of the management skill set, the program equips managers, supervisors, team leads and those people with management responsibilities with practical tools and techniques to manage work and support employee performance. 

Disclaimer: Only applicants who have applied and been accepted into the Management Intensive program should make payments through this platform. DO NOT make a payment unless you have been directed to do so by someone from the Organizational Development team (part of Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment at the University Alberta). If you have been directed to make a payment, your payment will secure your seat in the program. If you have not been directed to make a payment, but are interested in learning more about Management Intensive, you can learn more about the program here

Please note: There will be NO refunds once you pay the program fee.