Patient Emergency Management for Dental Hygiene

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Course Outline

Patient Emergency Management & Preparation for DH's
(Special focus on sedation in dentistry)
• Emergency preparation and response plan
• Practice Standards, Regulatory guidelines and scope of practice
• Pre-Post Sedation patient safety & airway assessment
• Armamentarium, Monitoring complications and troubleshooting
• Emergency Airway & medical management
• Airway adjuncts and ventilation application

Clinical Competency (Hands-On)

This course offers a hands-on opportunity to practice medical management of sedated patients on audio-visual monitors and high fidelity simulators. Each participant will go through simulations and improve their confidence level and skill set with respect to the top medical emergencies and Airway Management in treating sedated patients. Particular emphasis is placed on patient monitoring, airway & drug/medication management and will:

  • Describe essential features of preoperative assessment for patients undergoing dental treatment under sedation
  • Describe and demonstrate principles of patient monitoring and troubleshooting complications that may arise in sedated patients
  • Describe and demonstrate proper use of devices for oxygenation and ventilation in sedated patients
  • Distinguish clinical characteristics of mild to moderate sedation levels and the influence on respiratory and cardiovascular function
  • Describe your role and equipment in emergency preparedness and office emergency response plan
  • Describe common airway complications and medical management in sedated patients
  • Describe and demonstrate appropriate patient positioning pre-post recovery of sedated patients
  • Describe the pathogenesis, recognition and appropriate management of overly sedated patient (including the pharmacology of emergency drugs/airway management
  • Describe and manage a sedated patient experiencing a medical emergency utilizing a team based approach until EMS responds