Insurance Coverage | Online Live Virtual Leading & Training

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Insurance Coverage | Online Live Virtual Leading & Training

Insurance Coverage | Online Live Virtual Leading & Training

*Available for AFLCA Certified Leaders, Trainers, Assistant Trainers, and Certified Fitness Trainers.

Currently certified AFLCA exercise professionals earning less than 10% of annual revenue from online/virtual leading and training

All currently certified AFLCA members will be covered by the AFLCA insurance program to engage and support online/virtual training and/or leading classes to a maximum of 10% of their annual revenues, regardless if working as an employee or contractor at no extra fee.

Currently certified AFLCA members who will be earning more than 10% of their annual revenues from online/virtual training and leading classes (no limit on revenue)

    • Coverage is available for an additional premium of $15 (includes gst and fees)
    • This coverage is valid until September 30 with a current AFLCA certification.
    • Leaders will be required to renew their certification if their expiry date falls before September 30.
    • AFLCA certified professionals will be required to only work with existing participants/clients. Any new participants/clients must complete a PAR-Q+ and informed consent form.
    • Leaders must use an online platform where participants need to login or register or by maintaining a list of all participants attending your sessions electronically or paper copy. Record keeping is important. 


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